10 Preparations for Cataclysm

What are you doing to prepare for WoWarcraft Cataclysm?

Veterans and newbies listen up,  if you are not prepared you will not be able to experience all that Cataclysm offers. The high-end content will be out of your reach while the elite players will be playing among themselves, getting all the best equipment and gear in the game.  Do yourself a favor and prepare yourself before Cataclysm is released!

So, for newbies asking themselves if they should buy the game before the third expansion Cataclysm releases, the answer is: YES. Why? Because if you wait for Cataclysm to be released, you will never understand the original Azeroth and you will have a hard time completing quests due to everything being revamped.

Here's 10 things you'll definitely need to do:
  1. Heirloom Gear - for your Goblin or Worgen of course!
  2. Get more Gold -you can bet on Cataclysm things will be more expensive
  3. Get yourself into a good raiding guild - be first to get good gear and xp in dungeons.
  4. Get cloth for your Goblin and Worgen
  5. Get materials ready level up your primary and secondary professions
  6. Load up on consumables
  7. Get more name titles for your characters - this may be your last chance
  8. Clean out your bags and bankspace, get the largest bags you can afford - for ALL your characters
  9. Read all you can about Cataclysm so you know what to do and where to go - saving you time
  10. Experience all your favorite Azeroth locations before it gets changed - do the quests! They might be gone forever!
Heirloom gear is necessary if you want to level up a Globlin or Worgen character quickly. This is only possible if you have a level 80 character. While leveling up, many people also run out of gold to train for new abilities, repairing equipment, leveling up professions, etc. After a while, running out of bag space may also be a problem while you quest and obtain new gear, materials, consumables, etc.  Clean your bags and bank space out! .. and the list goes on.  So be prepared! Get Zygor's WoWarcraft Guide or Dugi's Guide to help you speed things up before its too late.
    Some of you may disagree with me on some of points above, but surely, just soak up everything that you love about the game before the Cataclysm comes and turns everything around.

    Feel free to add more!

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