What you'll NEED for Cataclysm.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is just around the corner and to gain firsthand experience in the game, you need to get into Cataclysm Beta if you're lucky enough, Pre-Order the game, and camp out at the local game store before release day.  How else would you gain an edge over the other, oh, 10 million people?
    For new players, don't miss out on this epic game.  Join in on the fun !

    Get the Zygor's Speed Leveling Guide or Dugi's Fast Leveling Guide to enjoy the high-level Cataclysm content that's getting rave reviews.

    As a new player, you would have to start from the beginning. You would need the following to play WoWarcraft: Cataclysm:
    1. World of Warcraft
    2. World Of Warcraft Expansion: Burning Crusade
    3. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack
    4. World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card
    I recommend you buy the original World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade battle chest from Amazon as it would be cheaper together. Click Here! Unfortunately, you can't get the original and 1st and 2nd expansions together in a battle chest .. yet.

    After you're set up with all this, you'll then need to get a leveling guide to get you through to 80 as fast as possible. It will literally takes you months if you have never experienced or played WoWarcraft before.  There is too much to learn, and guides are the best way to learn the shortcuts, tips, tricks, strategies, and hints to help you get through the overwhelming task ahead of you.

    Just imagine what it would be like if you were level 30 and all of a sudden Cataclysm is released and now you have no idea what to do.  That's what I suppose will happen to many people.

    Get to 80 as fast as possible now with Zygor's Speed Leveling Guide or Dugi's Fast Leveling Guide. I've read them both and learned a ton of new things even though I'm veteran. So I definitely recommend them because they will show you every aspect of the game.

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    Happy gaming!