Cataclysm: Part - 2 of 2

Blizzard's Third Expansion to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Classes and Races...
For Warcraft fans following the lore, Deathwing the Destroyer is coming.  I've told you about how Azeroth will be transformed, and so will the factions and classes.  Cataclysm introduces two new races - the Goblins and the Worgen.

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After playing Goblins for a bit, questing and getting through the first dozen levels was a lot of fun. I can't really say that about the Worgen because I haven't tried them. I'm just Horde biased I guess. As for the other races, I didn't try out the new starting quests. but I hear its a lot of fun.  If they're as fun as the Goblin's start quests.. I'll give it a try for the experience.

Certain races will be allowed to play certain classes as well. The talent trees have been redesigned, but instead of 51 points to go down a specialty tree, it has been shortened to 31.. like in the original Vanilla WoW.

In Conclusion...
Cataclysm is going to be the biggest thing that's happened to World of Warcraft since the original release. I have no doubt it will be another successful expansion to World of Warcraft.  The idea to just redesign major cities and almost the whole game should make new, past, and present players curious.

New content, revamped cities, a higher level cap, new races, and the addition of new classes to the original races should entice players who stopped playing to come back and experience what Cataclysm offers.

For you new players just hurry and get to 80 so you can experience it all.  Again, get those guides if you want to play Cataclysm before things get really confusing.  Zygor's Speed Leveling Guide and Dugi's Fast Leveling Guide.

For veterans, now is a good time to load up on gold and items before venturing into Cataclysm as well.  Use the Dailies and Events Guide.

From what beta has allowed us to see, I'm convinced Cataclysm will destroy anyone's concern about disappointing content. Actually, Cataclysm will likely keep us WoW addicts re-rolling characters and leveling through quests and raids for a good while longer.  I guess no one will ever "beat" this game.  It never ends, but it'll be fun and interesting!

Happy Gaming!

PS Did I mention you can FLY just about ANYWHERE now? I for one, have waited so long for this, but be prepared for some little surprises :)


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