Best World of Warcraft Guide?

Which World of Warcraft levelling Guide?

I often see this question on the world of warcraft forums or while playing in-game, well there are two choices 1. Free Guides or 2. Guides you pay for. A lot of people ask what is difference? and Why would you pay for one if you can get it for FREE?

There is a lot of difference and not just one being free and the other being thirty dollars plus.  Basically, free guides will tell you the basics, what to kill and how many and quite a lot of the time they mess up due to poor development hence why they're free.

But the guides you pay for like Zygors Guide or Dugi's Guide (full versions), are a class above the rest.

They tell you specifically where to get quests, what to kill or gather for quests and where to turn in and even pointing in the direction of where to go for everything which is a great help.  What I like best is the fact that you get great reputation for factions and they only send you on the quests that give you the most experience and cut out all the ones that were made to slow you up or the role playing quests which just slow down your leveling.

After doing a lot of research on which guide to pick I came across a website made by a world of warcraft gamer and he has reviewed the top three leveling guides.

I chose Zygors Guides after reading the review as it seemed like it had the most value for my money, and I’m happy with it because I managed to level to 80 within 6 days /played and I now have a army of level 80′s :)

Happy Gaming! I can't wait for Cataclysm!

Get the Guide and get ready!